Velda Algae Block

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This Velda Algae Block can make a huge difference to the algae levels in your garden pond. Placed in your pond water, it produces an algae killing solution that gets rid of green water in the right dosages.

Product Information

Velda Algae Blocks are a quick and easy way to treat an algae problem in your garden pond.

Green water is caused by a build-up of single algae cells that quickly cause an opaque pea soup effect that robs fish and plants of light, nutrients and oxygen. So not only does your pond look unsightly, the life within can suffer too.

Using an active copper algaecide the blocks kill of algae, and leave a beautifully clean pond. Allow two weeks before repeating the dose.

Directions for use:

  • Calculate the water capacity of your pond as accurately as possible.
  • One tablet is enough for 1,500 litres of water. Round the number of tablets down, if necessary use half a tablet.
  • Distribute the tablets over the bottom surface of the pond. However, take care that they are not situated near a water outlet or water lilies.

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