Velda Aqua Test Strips

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Aqua Test Strips are a quick and efficient way to get accurate readings of your pond water, within minutes.


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Product Information

Velda Aqua Test Strips provide you with a super quick and easy way to test for 6 of the most important water values from your pond: - the acidity, the total hardness, the carbonate hardness, the nitrite, nitrate and chlorine content.

To use, simply submerge the test strip in the water for 1 second, then shake off any excess water and wait circa 1 minute. Once the results show up, compare the colours with the colour range on the packaging to get your readings. This comes with 60 Test Strips, meaning you can your water regularly for 60 weeks, or as required daily if you are having any specific issues.

Table with ideal water values:

Pond waterAquarium water
NO3< 25 mg/l< 25 mg/l
NO2≤ 0.2 mg/l≤ 0.2 mg/l
GH8 - 12 °DH8 - 12 °DH
KH6 - 8 °DH6 - 8 °DH
pH7 - 8.5 pH6.5 - 7.5 pH
CI20 mg/l0 mg/l

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