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Velda AquaTesterPro is a complete revolution in water testing. Designed for ponds, this electronic water analyser has many useful attributes than can easily be used for indoor fish tanks as well, and will change the way that people test their water.


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Product Information

The AquaTester Pro is a whole new design to the market, allowing you to test your water to a much higher standard than ever before. Unlike other brands, this does not require the use of a phone camera, so varying quality will not effect the readings as can be the case with others. This easy to use kit requires you to dip the test strips as usual, then run the reader over them, giving you instant and accurate results, which can be sent via Bluetooth to compatible phones or tablets. The use of the App (available on iOS and Android) means you can track and analyse your data easily on your device, seeing the changes over a period of time.

The AquaTesterPro measures some of the most important water values, reading pH, GH, KH, TA, NO2, NO3, and CL2. This is easy to use, simply hold the strip in the water for 1 second, then shake off excess water and leave flat for 60 seconds, then pass the strip along the sensor and read the values. This can then be sent off to the app. This gives you instant results, and instant peace of mind.

This is brand new, and can be used for both ponds and aquariums, and is due late 2018. The replacement strips can be purchased in packs of 25 to continue use with the sensor.

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