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Fish Tank Week, PLUS get £12 EXTRA OFF - SEE CODES >

Velda AquaTesterPro

A smart way to get the most from your pond or aquarium

At a glance...
  • Smart water tester for ponds and aquariums
  • Sends results directly to your phone or tablet
  • Tester and freshwater indicators sold separately
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The AquaTesterPro measures the most important water values in just a few seconds, giving you a clear idea of your pond water quality which is so important, particularly if you have fish and plants. This is an electronic water analyser, allowing you to check water quality often and easily.

The digital test results are very accurate, and can be sent to your smartphone or tablet via bluetooth, with the AquaTesterPro App which uses the values for a complete diagnosis and history of your water. You can then receive smart advice from Velda to maintain water quality and prevent any problems.

How does it work? The new way of water testing:

  1. Dip the indicator of the water analyser into the water sample
  2. Slide the indicator through the device and read the test results
  3. Download the measured water values via the app and link them to the source
  4. Find out what the parameters say about the quality of your pond water

Testing for 8 key factors, this covers you for pH, GH, KH, TA, NO2, NO3, Cl2 and CO2, this gives comprehensive results on everything you could need to know, and

This small unit might only be compact, but delivers you instant and accurate results, so you can ensure your water quality is always spot on, and rectify any issues as needed. This comes with a 2 year warranty, and required 3 AAA batteries (not included). This is only suitable for freshwater, but can be used for ponds, tropical and coldwater aquariums. The initial Test Strips are included, but more can be purchased as a pack of 25 for on-going testing.

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