Velda Box Filter

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A one chamber filter system including filter media for the filtration of pond water. The water flows into the box through filter foam and a net with Filtra-Sub keeping your pond clean and clear.


  • Box Filter 4000
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  • Filter Box 7000
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Product Information

When looking for value for money, the Velda Box Filter's are fantastically compact yet extremely functional filters. Suitable for ponds between 4000L and 7000L without fish and 2000 - 4000L with community fish (not Koi). These multiple filtration systems helps keep your pond clear, clean and healthy.

Water comes in from the spray bar which even distributes itself across the foam making it a more efficient. The water is forced through two filter sponges one fine and one coarse (the mechanical media) designed to take out even the smallest of debris, the media can be easily cleaned for repeated use. After this process the water is then filtered through the biological media making the water healthy for the fish.

The separate chambers of the filter ensure that the flow of water is continuously cleaned and strained of all dirt and debris.

Key Features:

  • Compact in size
  • Re-usable media
  • Inlet Hose - 12, 20 and 25mm
  • Outlet Hose - 32mm
  • Spray Bar included

Product Pond Size Max LPH Pump Size Measurements Warranty
4000 4000L (2000L with Fish) 4000L 1000 LPH 40 x 30 x 28cm 2 years
7000 7000L (4000L with Fish) 7000L 2000 LPH 40 x 30 x 45cm 2 years

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