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Velda Clear Control - Pressure Filter With UVC

Pressure filter with UVC as well as mechanical and biological filtration

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At a glance...
  • Pressure filter with 2-year guarantee
  • Comes complete with a UV lamp
  • A range of models to choose from
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Velda's Clear Control Pressure Filters range is an advanced pond filter range, ideal for fish ponds.

They contain both a UV clarifier and media to fully cleanse the water of algae cells and waste. Each unit comes complete with an Ultra Violet lamp and an additional chamber to add another lamp should you wish. This is great if an algae problem occurs or in increased sunlight. Algae cells are clumped together as they pass before the lamp making them much easier to remove.

The water then passes through the various grade filter foams which remove particles of dirt and debris easily from the water. Biological filter media with a huge surface mass promotes the growth of healthy bacteria which breakdown nitrites and other unwanted elements which can cause water problems.

Key Features:

  • Allows easy cleaning without opening the filter
  • 7 functions
  • Multi-position valve
  • Zeolite filter cassette
  • 2 year guarantee


Model Clear Control 25 Clear Control 50 Clear Control 75
Suitable for (Wildlife) Up to 10,000l Up to 20,000l Up to 30,000l
Suitable for (Community) Up to 5,000l Up to 10,000l Up to 15,000l
Suitable for (Koi) Up to 2,500l Up to 5,000l Up to 7,500l
Max Flow Rate 5,000lph 8,000lph 12,000lph
UV Bulb 9W 18W 36W
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