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Get 10% OFF Swell own brand products with code: EASTERSWELL >

At a glance...
  • Complete pressurised filter and pump sets
  • Use a mix of mechanical, biological and UV filtration
  • 2-year guarantee

Each Velda Clear Control Set is a complete pressurised filter set for your pond, giving you clean water with less maintenance hassle that normal non-pressurised filters. With an extremely efficient pump and a superb filter, the Clear Control set is excellent for removing dirt and growing beneficial bacteria that helps break down the organic matter and toxins in your pond.

Each Velda kit includes:

  • Clear Control Pressurised Filter - helps clean dirt and toxins from your pond
  • UVC Unit - kills and binds algae for clearer water
  • Velda High Stream Pond Pump - feeds water to the filter and to a stream or waterfall
  • Filter Hose
  • All necessary filter materials and connecting pieces
Product Pond Size Filter Pump UVC Inlet/outlet Dimensions Guarantee
Velda Clear Control 25 Set 10,000l Clear Control 25 Green Line 5000 9W     2 years
Velda Clear Control 50 Set 20,000l Clear Control 50 High Stream 6000 18W 32/40mm 43cm diameter x 84cm high (filter) 2 years
Velda Clear Control 75 Set 30,000l Clear Control 75 High Steam 8000 36W 32/40mm 43cm diameter x 95cm high (filter) 2 years
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