Velda Floating Glass Lights

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Turn your pond into an elegant feature with the Velda floating glass pond LED lights!


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Product Information

Who wouldn't want to enjoy the special atmosphere at the waterside long after sunset! The light balls are made of clear glass with a core of glass fibres. Three watertight spheres float on the pond and spread a sparkling light effect. Stylish design and high-quality materials give this LED-lighting an exclusive look.

Product Details:

  • 5m Power cable
  • Dimensions: 3x 160mm
  • 3000k

Instructions for use:

The spacer that comes with the spheres consists of 3 strips that stop the fragile spheres colliding. Spread out the strips and connect each lamp (using the eyelets) with a 30 cm wire to one of the strips. If necessary, cut off the unused parts of the strips with a hacksaw. Place the spacer, with the connected spheres, carefully in the pond. The spacer is concealed below the water surface and prevents cracks or damage to the glass spheres as a result of water currents or wind. Connect another wire with a weight (such as a stone) to the spacer to keep the lighting in place in the pond. This stops the spheres colliding with other obstacles such as a hard edge of the pond. Connect the plug to a dry grounded socket outlet. Only use good quality extension cables, flexes, receptacles and the like. The cable is watertight anchored and may not be replaced when damaged. If any damage should occur to the lighting or the cable, the device may no longer be used. Do not open the lighting

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