Velda Floating Pond Light

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Velda wants to extend your pond enjoyment with illuminated objects that catch the eye during the day. And create a special atmosphere around the water in the evening. Modern LED lighting is sustainable and very energy-efficient: everyone can enjoy it!


  • Floating Pond Light
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Product Information

Give your pond a personal touch with the Floating Pond Light, it has space in the centre for your favourite pond plant to sit inside and float in your pond. You will have a small island full of greenery or a floral arrangement that will always be the focus of attention, even during the day. These modern LED lights have a long useful life, they are easy to use and very low in energy.

Key Features:

  • Emits a warm light
  • Water tight cable
  • Low energy use
  • Eye catching day and night

ProductDimensionsCable lengthPowerGuaranteeLumen
Floating Pond Light32x24x87cm7m3w2 years185

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