Velda Floating Solar Thermometer

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The Velda Solar Pond Thermometer has an easy-to-read display and accurately measures the temperature of your pond water without worrying about batteries.


  • Floating Solar Thermometer
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Product Information

The Velda Floating Solar Pond Thermometer allows you to clearly and accurately read the temperature of your pond.

By checking your pond's temperature you can determine how often fish need to be fed or whether any aeration is required.

For example:

  • Floats on the surface of the pond
  • 5 to 10°C. Feed once a day with special winter feed
  • > 10°C. Feed several times a day
  • > 20°C Aeration to prevent lack of oxygen

The diameter of the thermometer face is around 8cm. The length of the probe is approx 14cm. The cord is 3m long.

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