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Velda GH Plus is ideal for creating a stable pond environment and proper plant growth levelling the hardness (GH value) of the pond water is of utmost importance. The more so, because biological processes in that water continuously reduce it. The GH value is expressed in German degrees of hardness (GH). A correct hardness should vary between 8 and 12 °GH.


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Soft pond water, having a JH value (= calcium and magnesium hardness, also referred to as total hardness, expressed in GH) lower than JH 5 °GH can easily become acid. Continuous rainfall will intensify this process. Especially in autumn and winter this can result in death of fish. Also the growth and development of oxygen producing plants (like hornwort, waterweed and pond weed) will be inhibited at a too low JH value.

A healthy and stable pond environment has a total hardness ranging from JH 8 to 12 °GH. Regular inspection (4 to 5 times a year) of the JH value is therefore desired. If the value will decrease below JH 7 °GH, measures have to be taken. With the help of Velda GH Plus the total hardness can be increased without any problem.

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