Velda KH Plus

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KH Plus increases the carbonate hardness (CH value) of the pond water. Just like the general hardness, this CH value is expressed in German degrees of hardness (GH).


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Product Information

A satisfactory high value (6 to 8 °GH) fights acidity in pond environment and ensures proper development of oxygen producing plants, owing to bound CO2. The buffer capacity of pond water is the ability of pond water to maintain the pH at the correct level for the survival of your fish. Fish metabolise the buffer and this causes the pH level to spike or fall which can cause fish stress, leading to health problems.

Testing the KH levels regularly and treating with Buffer KH Up can help to maintain a healthy pond and avoid potential fish loss. Maintain a level of around 6⁰ carbonate hardness will ensure the optimum conditions for vibrant, healthy fish.

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Available in:

  • 250 ml for 2500 litres of water
  • 500 ml for 5000 litres of water
  • 1000 ml for 10.000 litres of water

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