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The pH value is an important pillar in pond environment. The value is also determined by the amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) in the water.


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Product Information

If the pond water contains enough carbon dioxide, than the pH is relatively low (7 to 8). If there is little or no carbon dioxide, the pH can reach values ranging from 9 to 10. In order to reduce the pH value of the pond water Velda has composed the product pH Min.

Acceptable pH values of pond water should range between pH 7 and 8. Any higher pH value is undesirable for several reasons. The growth of oxygen producing plants (like hornwort, waterweed and pond weed) stagnates, micro-organisms will not optimally develop any more and at extremely high values even fish can present symptoms of disease. For a proper development of the pond environment it is necessary to take measures to the effect that both in the long and in the short term the pH value will be decreased.

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  • 250 ml for 2500 litres of water
  • 500 ml for 5000 litres of water

To test your water try using the AquaTester Pro

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    I bought some ph reducer in bottle form did not work at all water still same