Velda Silenta Solar Air Float

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Areate your pond without the use of electricity! This solar floating air pump is simple to install and does a great job of keeping your pond full of oxygen with no nasty power cables


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Product Information

Oxygen shortages often occur when the water temperature rises in the summer. The fish come to the surface to gasp for air, the solution is to aerate the pond. The air bubbles release oxygen in to the water and remove harmful gases. The Silenta Solar Air Float works on solar power; without a plug, so no energy costs!

Simply place the solar air float on the pond surface and the aeration will start automatically!

Simple instructions:

Use the air hose to connect the pump outlet to the air stone that hangs in the water. Shorten the air hose in case of a shallow pond or for a higher air yield. Optionally, attach a wire with ballast to the housing in order to prevent drifting away. Use the switch to select mode and activate the device. Choose between 3 options:

  1. Day mode, the air pump only operates in case of sufficient sunlight. Any surplus of energy is stored in the rechargeable battery.
  2. Charging mode, the air pump is switched off, the battery is charged.
  3. Night mode, the air pump only operates in darkness. In case of sufficient sunlight the battery is charged and the air pump is switched off. Place the device floating on the pond surface and the air stone under water. Pick an open and sunny spot for optimum performance of the air pump.

This Aereator comes wcomplete with a 2 year warrenty.

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    Date 15/07/2018 19:07pm
    Velda Solar Air Float
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    Works well plenty of air into the pond