Velda T-Flow

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Velda introduces a revolutionary product which allows chemical free algae control. The Velda T-Flow works by realising a steady supply of copper ions to kill off both green water algae and blanket weed, whilst remaining completely safe for your precious fish. It also ensures your water becomes healthy and odour free whilst fitting discreetly between the pump and filter. And thanks to the intelligently controlled release of copper ions you won't have to worry about it damaging the plants that you actually want in your pond.


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Product Information

Whether it's green algae or blanket weed, spell an end to your ponds algae infestation with the Velda T-Flow. Unlike most algae treatments, which rely on the use of chemicals to kill off the algae, the T-Flow works by the release of copper ions to naturally poison your ponds algae.

Controlled by a simple and user friendly interface, this ingenious device can fit discreetly between your pump and water filter, as not to be an eye sore.

It is also completely safe. Despite being naturally poisonous to the algae, the electrical pulses of the device which release the copper ions into the water are completely water friendly. Even if left on permanently the device is completely safe to humans, fish, wildlife and even to other plant life.

The anodes should be replaced as indicated, usually on a 12 monthly basis dependant upon use.

Key Features:

  • Easy to understand operating display
  • Using a process known as 'mineralisation' electrical pulses release naturally algae killing copper ions into the water
  • Can be discreetly installed
  • Encourages water oxygenation to become more healthy and odour free
  • Completely safe for humans, fish, plants, and wildlife in general
  • Even if used continuously the concentration of copper will never reach higher than 0.3 parts per million. Well within European safety standards

Product Pond Size Recommended Pump Size Inlet & Outlet Guarantee
T-Flow 05 5000L 2000 - 8000LPH 13/32mm 2 Years
T-Flow 15 3000 - 15000L 6000 - 10000LPH 13/32mm 2 Years
T-Flow 35 1000 - 35000L 10000 - 20000LPH 13/40mm 2 Years
T-Flow 75 20000 - 75000L 15000 - 25000LPH 13/40mm 2 Years

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  • Rating
    Date 13/03/2019 13:03pm
    Velda T-Flow 05
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    Just excellent, service price and delivery
  • Rating
    Date 14/06/2016 12:06pm
    Velda T-Flow 05
    Feefo Logo
    outstanding. works really well as you could see results after only 24hrs. it's now been about 6 days as I write & results are briliant. it has got rid of all that green hairy stuff. wish I got it sooner