Velda Trendy Pond Black

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Velda Trendy Pond Black are a great ready-made pond for planting aquatic plants in. Made from a great material in fantastic colours, they can be placed almost anywhere and require minimal maintenance.


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Product Information

Enjoy a pond with plants in your garden, yard, patio or balcony in a choice of vibrant colours with the Velda Trendy Pond.

If you have always wanted a pond but don't have the space (or inclination to dig a hole!) this is the answer - you can even put it in your living room.

The Trendy Pond is a real talking point wherever you put it - whether on a picnic table, in your conservatory, your back yard or maybe you could have a range of them in different colours in your garden. This model is black but you could also opt for some of our other stunning colours such as lime, purple, orange or grey.

Including a free bottle of Aqua Clear, you can get started in minutes with the Trendy Pond. Add one measuring cap every two weeks to keep the water clear. Simply put the pond on a flat surface and fill with a maximum of 30 litres of water.

This pond is perfect for introducing pond plants. We would recommend adding a layer of substrate then placing plants in pots. You should line aquatic plant pots with hessian lining to avoid the soil escaping and cover the soil with a layer of gravel. Always soak plants before introducing to ponds to avoid air pockets.

Please note we do not advise putting fish in the Trendy Pond.

Dimensions: Approx 18" diameter wide x 12" high (45cm x 30cm)

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