Velda Trendy Pond Orange

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Velda Trendy Pond Orange has a modern design and colour scheme. A Ready made pond, it can be placed almost anywhere and makes a great home for aquatic plants.


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Add a pop of colour with the Orange Velda Trendy Pond. This bright feature pond can be used both indoors and out, and thanks to its small footprint is perfect for balconies, terraces and patios.

They can be used individually or placed together in small groups to create a contemporary look. The pond comes complete with a free bottle of Aqua Clear water conditioner. Simply add a dose once a fortnight.

The pond is not suitable for use with fish, however they look great with aquatic plants. We recommend that plant pots or baskets are lined with hessian lining and aquatic soil is used. Soak the plants before adding to the pond to avoid air pockets.

Dimensions: Approx 18" diameter wide x 12" high (45cm x 30cm)

One supplied. Orange.

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