Velda Vincia Aqua Plant Tabs

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Velda Vincia Aquatic Plant tablets are ideal for long-lasting pond plant nutrition, in an easy to use tablet form, that you just drop into your pond.


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Product Information

These Aqua Plant Tabs provide natural nutrients for your pond plants, with long-lasting nutrients provided directly to them. These are environmentally friendly, as a residual product from water treatments. Just place the tablets alongside your plant roots to provide direct nutrients to your pond plants.

30 tablets are enough for 1m2 of pond soil. For a plant basket for around 30cm x 30cm you would require 4 tablets.

Available in two pack sizes, 135g which is 30 tablets, and 400g which is suitable for 3m2 area.


  • 98g of ammonium magnesium orthophosphate per 100g (4.4 g per tablet)
  • 2g of polyvinylpyrrolidone per 100g (0.1 g per tablet)
  • Fertiliser: ammonium magnesium orthophosphate
  • Nitrogen (N) content: 5.00%, phosphate (P) content: 12.06%

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