Vitalis Algae Pellets

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Keep algae feeding fish happy when your tank is clear with this Vitalis Algae Pellets diet. Tasty and nutritious, it promotes good growth and health.


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Product Information

Vitalis Algae Pellets (formally known as Newera Algae Pellets) are made with five types of algae for a superbly high protein diet.

Perfect for herbivorous fish, the recipe also contains fish and fish by-products, vegetable matter, molluscs and crustaceans for a nutritious, tasty food.

The pellets are easily digested and produce little waste, thanks to the special formula which locks in flavour and nutrients until eaten. The added minerals and oils will also support a healthy immune system and good health inside and out.

The pellets sink slowly to the floor of the aquarium so fish at all water levels get a chance to feed. This food will also work well in an auto feeder so it can be used all year round, whether you're home or away.

Remember to only feed as much as your fish will eat, and to remove excess food after five minutes.

Key Features:

  • Perfect food for herbivorous fish
  • Easily digested
  • Low waste
  • Ideal for auto feeders
  • 120g resealable tub

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    Date 04/01/2018 09:01am
    Vitalis Algae Pellets - 300g XS
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    Always very pleased with Vitalis food, the algae pellets are my (the fish's) faves. Used them all since before the brand name change and just sad I can't get the Aegis pellets anymore - this doesn't take anything away from Vitalis or the algae pellets as they are very good for fussy fish and those who are not the best of health; helping bring the latter round to health quickly.