Vitalis Marine Pellets 60g-300g

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These Vitalis Marine Pellets are tailor made to the diets of salt water fish, which require high protein levels. This fish food has the added benefit of vitamins and minerals, as well as colour boosting factors to bring out their natural vibrancy.


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Product Information

Vitalis Marine Pellets (formally known as Newera Marine Pellets) have been developed to provide marine fish with the best possible diet. Made with the same expertise and research as the rest of the marine food range. The pellet format locks in flavour and nutrients and produces little waste. This means all of the food goes straight to the fish and not in your filter.

With a high level of proteins, the pellets are ideal to boost overall health and support vibrant, active fish. Colours are boosted, with the help of natural carotenoid pigments. Top quality minerals will support all vital processes and make sure that your fish are resistant to both stress and diseases.

To entice your marine fish to eat more, the pellets have an inviting scent, which promotes a healthy appetite in omnivorous tropical fish. The pellets have an incredibly soft texture that can be used to form a 'putty'. Create this by soaking some pellets in a little aquarium water and moulding a 'ball' to stick to the side of the aquarium, this is ideal for grazing fish.

Only feed as many Marine Pellets as your fish can eat. Remove all uneaten food to avoid a waste build up.

Contains: Fish and fish derivatives, derivatives of vegetable origin, molluscs and crustaceans, oil and fats, vitamins, minerals.

Analytical Constituents: Protein 50.1%, Moisture 20.8%, Inorganic Matter 17.7%, Fat Content 10.3%, Crude Fibre 1.7%.

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    Date 22/10/2020 07:10am
    Vitalis Marine Pellets 120g (X Small)
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    It does what it says on the label
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    Date 27/05/2020 01:05am
    Vitalis Marine Pellets 300g (X Small)
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    GreatšŸ˜Šthis product is absolutely perfect
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    Date 02/12/2018 09:12am
    Vitalis Marine Pellets 300g XS
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    Good value fish love it nice size