Vitalis Tropical Pellets

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A high protein pellet food made by Vitalis, its unique soft texture makes it ideal for almost all tropical fish. With this being a premium pellet it ensure less waste is produced by yopur fish.


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Product Information

The Vitalis Tropical Pellet diet delivers a palatable and highly digestible balanced feed. Incorporating the key nutritional ingredients, a blend of algae, natural pigments and minerals required by tropical freshwater fish. This food is highly recommended for most tropical fish such as Tetras, Freshwater pufferfish, Barbs, Rainbowfish, Mollies, Guppies, Platies, Characins, Freshwater gobies.


  • Unique soft, sinking pellet formulation
  • Less waste - improved water quality
  • Natural, sustainably sourced ingredients
  • Small pellet size of 1.5mm

Protein 43.9%, Moisture 20.6%, Inorganic Matter 18.4%, Fat Content 10.1%, Crude Fibre 2.1%.

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