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Waterlife Bacterlife digests ammonia and nitrite and 100ml treats 1000 litres. Both these chemicals are a product of the life in your aquarium, but increased levels can spell danger for your fish and everything else, leading to a lack of available oxygen and algae blooms. Get rid of both with this treatment.


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Product Information

Waterlife BacterLife contains both Heterotrophic and Autotrophic bacteria. They work together to not only breakdown aquarium waste but feed on the Nitrogen bacteria too, to leave the water clean, clear and healthy.

Heterotrophic bacteria is commonly used in aquatic products. It breaks down solid waste and digests it. This produces ammonia and other nitrogen compounds which are then removed by the filter or consumed by the Autotrophic bacteria, which feeds on such waste. This helps to avoid a spike in ammonia levels which can lead to fish stress and serious health problems.

Key Features:

  • Uses 2 types of bacteria
  • Breaks down waste for removal
  • Digests the by-products of ammonia & nitrite
  • Use weekly for best results
  • Available in 100ml and 250ml sizes

Dosage: 1ml will treat up to 10 litres / 2.2 gallons of aquarium water

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