Wavepoint HO LED Super Blue Strip Light 48 inch

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Get the deepest blues from your marine aquarium using Wavepoint's celebrated HO LED Super Blue Strip Light 48 inch. High output with low energy requirements, they provide long-lasting light for your tank and can reduce your electricity bill in comparison to older models of aquarium lighting.


  • Super Blue LED HO Light Strip 48 inch
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Product Information

The Wavepoint Super Blue LED High Output Strip at 48" is perfect for the larger aquarium.

Great for marine tanks, the 40 Super Blue LED bulbs highlight and enhance the natural colours and vibrancy of your marine life. Long lasting and energy efficient the bulbs will create a natural shimmer effect within the water, replicating that of the ocean.

The Wavepoint LED HO range is versatile too, it can be installed in three different ways. Either as one unit, adjusted to one slim line unit or installed in to the hood using the Retrofit Kit included. The unit is water resistant and long lasting too.

For a tropical tank, try the Wavepoint Daylight LED High Output Striplight, with a super high colour temperature, it's perfect for tropical tank life.

Key Features:

  • 3 in 1, Use as a Complete Fixture, Slim fixture or Retrofit Kit
  • 40 x Super Blue LED bulbs
  • 48" in length
  • Long Lasting
  • Mimics Natural Sunlight and Provides Shimmer Effect
  • Water Resistant Construction
  • Low Voltage Energy Efficient UL Listed Transformer

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