Yamitsu Slide Valves and Sleeves

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Yamitsu Slide Valves and Sleeves are available from Swell Uk to perfect your garden watercourse or pond filtration system. Robust and with a tough design, they can be used with PVC piping to secure it.


  • Slide Valve 1.5" Pressure Pipe Sale
    code: SV112 In Stock (10+ Available)
  • Slide Valve 2" Pressure Pipe Sale
    code: SV2 In Stock (Only 3 left!)
  • Slide Valve 3" Pressure Pipe Sale
    code: SV3 In Stock (Only 2 left!)
  • Slide Valve 4inch Pressure Pipe Sale
    code: SV4 In Stock (Only 3 left!)
  • PVC Sleeve for 1.5" slide valve Sale
    code: SVS112 In Stock (10+ Available)
  • PVC Sleeve for 2" Slide Valve Sale
    code: SVS2 In Stock (10+ Available)
  • PVC Sleeve for 3" Slide Valve Sale
    code: SVS3 In Stock (10+ Available)
  • PVC Sleeve for 4" slide valve Sale
    code: SVS4 In Stock (10+ Available)
  • PVC Pipe Slide Valve 43mm (Fits household waste) Sale
    code: SV43 In Stock (Only 4 left!)
  • PVC Pipe Slide Valve 110mm Sale
    code: SV110 Out of stock

Product Information

Yamitsu Slide Valves and Valve Sleeves are available in a wide variety of thread sizes to suit most pipework. The valves are a fast, effective and easy way to shut off, or open up pond water flow lines, or alternatively pond waste drainage systems.

Controlling the water flow and drainage systems of your pond has never been easier than with the Yamitsu Slide Valves.

The slide valve includes a heavy duty, ergonomically designed valve, which allows you to quickly and easily control the flow of water along your pipes.

Available in a variety of sizes to suit your specific piping, the slide valves use high quality materials used in their construction allowing for a truly professional finish, obtained at a great price.

To ensure that the slide valves work perfectly with your specific piping, you can also purchase the slide valve sleeves, which allows pressure pipe valves to be connected and allow PVC piping to be attached.

Solvent cement can be used to aid in attachment of the piping and valves.

Key Features:

  • Both slides and sleeves are available in a variety of thread sizes
  • Allows quick and easy control of pond water flow and pond waste drainage systems
  • Heavy duty valve handle
  • Solven cement may be required to aid attachment of piping
  • Heavy duty materials
  • Great value product

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