Zetlight UFO A100 Wifi Switch

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  • UFO A100 Wifi Switch
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THe Zetlight WIFI Switch controller can be purchased to expand the real-time control of lamps via mobile device, providing more natural changes for professional breeding illumination. The Calendar algorithm has enabled more exquisite seasonal changes. The natural and ecological lights displayed through the four-colour holographic channels constitute different wavelengths of the spectrum needed for the creatures, thereby providing more available natural and ecological breeding functions.

By transferring partially the current expansion to a single channel, compared with all lights being turned on, the unique luminance transfer technology optimises light efficiency by 20% in a single light source channel. the innovation of this technology is dedicated to making the lamp more splendid and beautiful.

This WIFI controller can be linked up directly to both the Zetlight UFO and the TMC Ilumenair 600, 900 & 1200 models (excluding nano range)

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