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SAVE UP TO £15 on thousands of products - SHOP NOW. >

Palletised delivery

Our largest and most fragile products are delivered on a pallet to ensure they reach you safely. This is more complicated and costly than delivering regular parcels, so there are some things you need to know. 

The courier will contact you to arrange a convenient time for delivery and you'll need to be present to accept the item, as palletised items cannot be left unattended. We'll charge you for re-delivery if you're not present to accept it.

Pallets will be delivered to the kerbside of your property, as couriers are not insured to enter your home. Please ensure you're present to accept the delivery, as most couriers charge for the re-delivery of pallets. Carefully check for signs of damage before the courier leaves.

Please note: Pallets are delivered on a large lorry, so this must be able to reach your property. If your property is inaccessible by lorry, the courier may request an additional charge for the item to be off-loaded to a smaller vehicle.

1. Give us your number

During checkout, please provide a contact number so the courier can schedule your delivery at a convenient time. 

2. Schedule a delivery time

The courier delivering your pallet will contact you to arrange a suitable delivery time between 9 am and 5 pm.

3. Check your delivery

Ensure you are around to accept the delivery, as pallets cannot be left. Check carefully for damage.

Will the courier bring the product into my home?

Couriers deliver pallets to the kerbside. They will usually be happy to move the pallet to your front door, or place the pallet in your garage, if there's clear access for a pump truck. Unfortunately, they're not insured to enter your property, so you will need to lift the item into your house and dispose of the pallet and any packaging materials. 

Will they wait while I check for damage?

Yes, our couriers will be happy to wait while you unwrap the item and check it for damage. It's important that you do this because once you've signed to say the products arrived in good condition, we're unable to replace any items you later find are damaged. 

What happens if I miss my delivery slot?

It's really important that you're around to accept delivery of your order at the time the courier agress with you. It costs us £50 or more to deliver an item on a pallet, and we'll only attempt delivery once. If you miss your slot, we'll need to charge you the actual re-delivery fee to have the delivery re-attempted.

What happens if something goes wrong?

If you experience an issue, or if you item arrives damages, please drop us a line as soon as possible and we'll be happy to assist you in resolving the problem as quickly as we can.