Pond & Aquatic Supplies: Pumps, Liners, Filters and more!

Roma Aquarium Tanks

Best for: Freshwater Aquariums

Aquarium Tanks

From 10L to 350L+, for the beginner to the expert, you will find the perfect tank here, at the right price.

Aquarium Filters

The right filtration system for any size home aquarium, whether it's a tropical paradise or a tiny desk tank.

Aquarium Substrate

The right substrate can completely change the look of your aquarium - choose from our extensive selection to find your perfect fit.

Aquarium Live Plants

Live Plants in your tank can make the world of difference, so choose from our extensive range to get the right one for you.

Best For: Marine Aquariums

Marine Salt

Great range of Marine salt available, with free next day delivery and a variety of types to choose from.

Marine Aquariums

Specially designed and ready for Marine - whether you go for a diverse reef system, or a pair of Clown Fish, we have the tank you need.

Marine Additives

All the vital elements and additives that you need to ensure your reef tank is thriving to its' full potential.

Test Kits

Keep on top of your water at all times using an accurate test kit, so you can ensure your tank is always in perfect condition.

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Swell UK - Pond and Aquarium Supplies

Swell UK has been one of the leading suppliers of the very best pond and indoor aquarium equipment in the UK for a decade now.

We use our many years of pond keeping experience to bring you the very best quality pond products at great value prices. Our extensive range of pond supplies includes everything from garden pond pumps to filters all from leading brands such as Oase, Fish Mate and Blagdon and has been carefully compiled to suit all budgets. We also stock our very own range of Swell branded products including pond liners and treatments.

Similarly, we stock a terrific range of aquarium supplies. From a huge selection of fish tanks, to aquarium accessories that include fish tank lighting from specialists such as Arcadia and marine salt from leading brand, Red Sea. In total, we stock over ,000 aquarium products to keep your fish as happy and healthy as possible.

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How to treat Ich in a reef tank

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How to raise Calcium in a reef tank

How to raise Calcium in a reef tank

Calcium is one of the elements we recognise the most. Its what’s in our bones and teeth, and we ourselves obtain calcium from milk and dairy. Corals need Calcium too and if they aren’t doing well, after addressing light...

What is the best powerhead for a reef tank?

What is the best powerhead for a reef tank?

Water movement is one of the most essential parts of any reef tank. Corals use water movement to bring them their food and wash away their waste, and although some corals can survive without light, none can survive without...

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