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Help and advice on shopping for: Floating Fountain Pumps

The ultimate fountain pump for gardens, grounds and golf courses

Floating fountains are in a league of their own as both water features and aerators. They're perfect for oxygenating any man-made body of water, ensuring that all the fish and other wildlife have plenty of air to breathe.

While these pond pumps used to be the sole purview of theme parks and luxury homes, they're now reaching a point where they are available to even amateur pond keepers. At Swell UK we sell a variety of floating pumps and offer several services to help ensure you make the most of your purchases.

What are floating fountains?

Floating fountains are similar in function to the regular fountain pumps found in most ponds. The main difference (other than they float!) is that they don't have a T-piece for a secondary function. Regular fountains have a splitter so you can pump water to both a fountain and water feature whereas floating pumps have one single function.

You may expect floating models to be weaker but this is not the case, some very large water displays (like the ones you might see at theme parks) are powered by floating pumps.

What floating pump pumps can I buy in the UK?

At Swell UK, we stock both domestic floating pumps (such as the Swell Floating Aerator Pump) and professional floating fountains (like the Oase Air Flo 1500 and Oase Air Flo 4000) on our website. We also stock a range of accessory items including pond jet spray nozzles (such as Oase's celebrated Schaumsprudler range) and lighting for floating pumps in the UK.

Do I need to buy anything extra for a large floating fountain?

Should you have a larger pond or ponds, Swell UK has a range of fountain heads, pond jet nozzles and accessories to change the spray pattern to protect your pond from the wind. Wind at high speeds can be a problem for all large ponds as it may change where the water lands from the fountain, sometimes going as far as draining a body of water and flooding another area.

For example, the Oase Air Flo 4000 fountain pump can handle large quantities of water and is often used on very large ponds or lakes. Using propeller technology it has a flow rate of a massive 295,000 litres per hour, which is more than enough to cause a flood. This can easily be solved by the Schaumsprudler spray nozzle fountainhead, which converts the Air Flo's beautiful trumpet fountain into a relaxing, and wind-resistant, foamy stream.

Is a fountain good for a pond?

Yes. A fountain, particularly a floating fountain, is a great choice for any pond as it not only looks good but also encourages the dissemination of oxygen (also known as aeration) as the water falls and splashes into itself. This lessens the chances of stagnant areas in the pond and reduces the risk of algae.

Oxygenation also protects fish, who must breathe air like us to survive. It's common to see fish in less aerated ponds and lakes gasping for air, particularly in summer. Overall, your pond will be healthier and less likely to develop water problems if oxygenated with an aerator.

Can I get lights for my fountain pump?

Yes, some of the floating fountains that Swell UK sell, like the Swell Floating Aerator Pump and the Oase PondJet Eco Floating Fountain, can be bought with a lighting set to illuminate your fountain throughout the night and in any weather, ensuring it always impresses.

Other fountain items sold by Swell UK, including the Oase Air Flo range, have connecting mounts built into them and can have lighting sets added over time.

What sort of fountain height can I expect from floating fountains?

Floating fountains boast both a high flow rate and a high fountain height compared to other categories of pumps. At Swell UK, our most powerful floating fountain items can project up to 3 meters vertically and 10 metres horizontally with a maximum flow rate of 295000lph.

Is a floating fountain suitable for use in ponds?

While most floating fountains in the UK are unsuitable for domestic ponds, it depends more on the fountain and the size of the pond.

Our smallest products in this category will be able to accommodate a medium-sized domestic pond while our largest products will only really be of use in a much larger body of water. Depth and water level are also a consideration as some of the largest floating fountains require several feet of water to float in, making them ill-suited to pond use.

In what way does a floating pump need to be serviced?

The servicing and maintenance of floating fountains is an important part of ownership as these pumps are sophisticated pieces of machinery with a limited filter capacity. The impeller and motor are the most likely to need maintenance and replacement as they are the main moving parts of the fountain.

To repair the impeller, simply take the fountain out of the water and remove the motor section of the float. The motor will have an impeller housing chamber which you will be able to open to access the impeller and see if it needs cleaning or replacement.

How do I set up floating fountains?

Most floating pond fountain products are pretty straightforward to set up compared to other pump categories. Just attach the included guide wires to your shoreline to position the fountain, screw the motor housing in and attach the power cable (each floating pond fountain comes with a different cable length) to a mains power source to get started (you will need to buy and wire your own plug to do this).

It's also worth considering some sort of power control system or timer for complete control and reduced power consumption.

How do I power my fountain?

Floating pumps are powered by a mains power cord that connects via an included cable to the pump. To comply with UK electrical legislation, pond appliances can't be supplied with a fitted plug, so you'll need to purchase one separately or wire it into an outdoor plug socket. Each pump comes with a different cable length, as some have been designed for domestic use while others have been designed for larger bodies of water.

Either way, the pump can be installed in any water garden with ease and minimal cost, but the power requirements of the pump must be considered as our largest floating pump, while energy-efficient, can be expensive on a domestic level.

How do I create spectacular displays with a floating pump?

Many of these pond pump products can be wired into larger electrical systems and control boxes to create fantastic water and lighting effects that are both breathtaking and memorable, making them perfect for events, shows and tourist attractions. Generally, we recommend charging a skilled electrician and pond keeper with the creation of such displays.

What do I do if something goes wrong with my fountain?

If there's a fault with your fountain products and you have followed all maintenance instructions you may be covered by either Swell UK or Oase's guarantee scheme. In each case, you can report a fault or problem with your pump, send it to the manufacturer and they will be able to replace like-for-like, if not give a refund for your purchase.

How long will I have to wait for my fountain to be delivered?

Once you have added the fountain to your cart, along with any other purchases, you'll be able to buy all your items through Swell UK. However, some of the floating pond pump products we sell are made to order and must be shipped across from mainland Europe. Furthermore, they often require delivery on a pallet as they are too large for standard delivery methods.

How expensive is a floating fountain?

The price of a floating fountain varies depending on several different factors and the sellers' RRP. Generally, these items start at a similar price to other fountains and reach the price of many other professional units.

When shopping for a new model, it's important to note the difference in the floating fountains between the models designed for domestic use, in a pond or small water feature, and those designed for more professional water feature construction.

How can I compare floating fountains?

At Swell UK, all our ranges can be compared by customer reviews (with a rating in stars), prices, details and core stats on their website page. Once you have decided on the product that's right for you, simply add it to your basket, arrange any services you need (such as delivery and guarantees) and arrange payment.