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Pond Ammonia Removers

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Help and advice on shopping for: Pond Ammonia Removers

Protect your fish from dangerous ammonia

Ammonia is a pain in any system, and it needs removing as quickly as possible. Whilst a well-established biological filtration system will do this itself, you may need to provide a helping hand with the use of a specifically designed product if your water test results reveal toxic ammonia levels. We stock a variety of ammonia removers from top brands such as Oase, Velda and Aqua Source.

What are pond ammonia removers?

Ammonia removers are compounds like zeolite that remove ammonia (or ammonium) from water. The compound binds with the ammonia, removing it from the water. The compound will continue to work for several weeks and then can be cleaned and recharged using salty water, allowing it to be used again.

Why should I buy pond ammonia removers?

Ammonia is nasty stuff - it can kill fish, plants and just about anything that calls your pond home, worse it's unavoidable as most creatures (fish included) excrete small amounts of it. If your water test results reveal toxic levels of ammonia that your filter isn't capable of removing, using an ammonia remover can help make the water safe and give your fish a fighting chance of survival.

What are the main types of pond ammonia removers?

Most ammonia removers are based on a mineral called zeolite, which removes ammonia (or ammonium) from the water and locks it away safely. Zeolite-based ammonia removers are best placed in a mesh filter bag and placed inside your pond filter, or an area of high water flow. There are also some innovative chemical and biological alternatives. Zeolite-based ammonia removers have the advantage of being rechargeable in saltwater.

What other products will I need?

If your pond is suffering from ammonia problems then you'll need a set of pond water test kits to check that the water is safe for the fish. Since the beneficial bacteria in your pond will eventually convert toxic ammonia into slightly less toxic nitrite, and then relatively non-toxic nitrate, you'll need a test kit that includes tests for ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate - not just ammonia. Most ammonia problems arise from washing pond filter media under the tap or replacing biological filter foams, so topping up the beneficial bacteria using a supplement can be helpful.