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Help and advice on shopping for: Complete Pond Kits

Everything you need in one handy kit

We know how hard it can be building a pond; it can feel quite overwhelming as you plan out the size of your watercourse, choose the right pump, liner and hoses then start to work out each step of the build. To help you out we've created our range of complete pond kits featuring some of Swell UK's most popular products to get you started as both a pond builder and keeper.

What is a complete pond kit?

Swell UK's complete pond kits are bundles including everything you need to create and run a pond including a filter, pump, liner and underlay. Each kit is designed for a pond of a specific size and offers everything you'll need for a pond of that size, running from our smallest kit for ponds 8ft by 6ft to our largest kits for ponds 20ft by 12ft.

Why should I buy a complete pond kit?

The biggest benefit our complete pond kits offer is peace of mind as you can be sure that everything in the kit will perform to a professional standard when brought together. This also takes the stress out of shopping for a new pond as there's no chance that you will forget an important component.

What are the main types of complete pond kits?

We've created several complete pond kits at SwellUK each with slightly different elements to ensure that the kit is perfect for a specific size of pond or effect. Our kits can be split depending on the pump used in the kit (which can normally be found in the title of the kit) - it may be worth looking at the page for each pump on its own to decide if it's right for you.

What features should you look out for when buying a complete pond kit?

Consider what else is in each of the complete pond kits and if each item is right for the pond you want to build, chances are that if one of our pond kits isn't right you'll be able to find a different one that is.

What accessories should I buy with a complete pond kit?

The great thing about our complete pond kits is that everything you need is in the set, however, you may want to consider how you'll make your pond unique. It might be worth investing in some pond edging or a fountain to achieve this and transform your pond into a head-turning feature.