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Pond Skimmers

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Help and advice on shopping for: Pond Skimmers

Give your pond a polished finish

We offer a range of low maintenance and fish-friendly pond skimmers. Designed to remove floating debris and unsightly dirt particles from your pond's surface, pond skimmers keep water clean and healthy.

What are pond skimmers?

Pond skimmers help keep your pond in the best shape possible. Ponds are continuously exposed to nature which may result in murky water, biological waste from fish or plants and clogging from debris. A pond skimmer floats on the surface of the water to collect and trap floating debris off the surface of the pond before they have a chance to sink and collect on the bottom of the pond.

Why might I buy a pond skimmer?

Using a pond skimmer will mean that less waste ends up in your pond filter, prolonging the life of your filter media whilst ensuring that you can see into your pond more clearly. They use an integral pump to force the water back out into the pond whilst retaining the debris and waste in the inner basket. Pond skimmers will also keep your pond healthy and keep your pondscape looking beautiful as well as improving the water quality for your fish.

What are the main types of pond skimmers?

There are a few things to consider when choosing a pond skimmer, such as the size of the skimmer, ease of cleaning and if they are fish friendly. There are three main types of pond skimmers; floating pond skimmers, box skimmers and submerged skimmers.

what features should I look out for?

Floating pond skimmers, just as their name suggests, float on the top of the pond. This type of skimmer collects floating debris as it travels across the surface, is a great option for smaller ponds and will need regular maintenance. A pond skimmer box can be set up with the mouth of the skimmer at water level allowing it to collect leaves and other unsightly debris. Fish-friendly and low maintenance, these skimmers are suited for larger ponds and can be hidden within rocks or plants. Lastly, submerged surface skimmers rest at the bottom of the pond floor and must be attached to your pond pump. They require a lot of maintenance and aren't safe for fish-filled ponds but work well in all sizes of ponds and are very discreet.