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Coral Food

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Help and advice on shopping for: Coral Food

Keep your coral reef bright and colourful

Corals have a better growth rate and improved colours when fed coral food, making your tank look much more alive, especially when matched with the right lighting to ensure your corals can thrive. Our range of coral food features products from top names like D&D, EasyReefs and Aquaforest.

What is coral food?

Fish aren't the only tank inhabitants that need food - coral does too. In order to keep your coral looking its best, at Swell UK we have a selection of coral food to help with reef-building. Free from phosphate, silicate and organic material that would adversely affect the aquarium, we have plenty of products to help boost and maintain pH levels within the aquarium.

Why might I buy coral food?

Coral food and additives can make the task of growing and keeping coral a little easier. Coral isn't the easiest thing to keep given that it requires just the right conditions to thrive, but our products can really help. We carry coral foods designed for reef systems, corals specifically. It provides them with all the essential nutrients that they would naturally get in the sea.

What are the main types of coral food?

Many corals receive a good portion of their nutrients from light, but you may also have to feed them by hand if they aren't getting enough nutrition. For instance, LPS Coral Food from Gamma NutraPlus is a mixed, concentrated liquid feed, containing crustaceans, plankton and marine algae. We also carry Aquaforest Ricco powdered food dedicated mostly for Zoanthus, Ricordea, Rhodactis and other mushroom corals, to give them the most important nutrients they need to flourish.

What accessories will I need?

There are tools that can help you to maintain a healthy coral reef. Protein Skimmers work to remove organic and inorganic compounds that contain harmful amino acids. RO Units are also beneficial, as they remove all the harmful chemicals from the water before you even put it in the tank, allowing you to have a completely fresh start.