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Use our pond liner calculator to work out what size pond liner and pond liner underlay you'll need when building your pond. Simply enter the pond length, width and depth and we will calculate how much pond liner and underlay you need.
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Protect your pond from seeping and draining

A pond liner and underlay can make or break a pond. With the right pond liner, you can ensure your pond is protected from punctures and leaks and with a bad pond liner you're unlikely to have a pond at all. Our range of high-quality pond liners at Swell UK ltd includes a wide selection of products from top brands, such as Gordon Low as well as our own outstanding range.

What are pond liners?

Pond liners are large supple pieces of material designed to act as a foundation for a pond, filling the hole dug to keep dirt out and water in. Importantly, pond liners aren't indestructible and must be teamed with the correct underlay to ensure that they aren't punctured or damaged by sharp roots and stones.

Should I buy a preformed pond?

The only type of pond that does not need a pond liner is a preformed pond. A preformed pond acts as a hard pond liner with the exact shape of garden pond that the pond keeper desires. A preformed pond can be attractive to first-time pond keepers, but it can be very restrictive with a set maximum depth, shape and even set compatible hardware (including filters, drains and pumps). Most pond liners offer far more flexibility allowing you to create the perfect water garden for you, your budget and any fish you might be planning to keep.

What are the benefits of garden pond liners?

Pond liners are critical for any pond project if you try to fill a hole without a liner your pond will drain in a matter of days and be filled with all sorts of matter from the soil. Pond liners are designed to last against sun damage too, unlike bin bags or other materials, so you can be certain that your pond will withstand years outdoors without any degradation.

What can I use instead of a pond liner?

While some amateur pond keepers may tell you that you can use other materials, such as tarpaulin, as a pond liner, the truth is that these materials are unsuitable. Pond liners are UV-resistant and unreactive, if you use another material as a pond liner, it is likely to degrade under the intense UV light from the sun channelled through the pond water. Degradation will lead to rips, tears and holes as well as the liner reacting with the pond water, releasing chemicals that can be toxic and deadly to pondlife. Unfortunately, there is no shortcut when it comes to pond liners, to protect your pond you need to invest in a strong liner with a thick protective underlay, anything else and your pond is unlikely to last.

What is a good thickness for a pond liner?

The thickness of a pond liner isn't necessarily an indication of its quality. Some HDPE and PVC pond liners are relatively thin but they can offer incredible durability. Armed with a thick underlay, most pond liners should be fine in any garden without the need for extra thickness. However, thick pond liners do offer some extra protection against punctures in particularly rocky or root-filled areas, this is where thick liners like rubber pond liners can stand out.

Do pond liners need underlay?

Yes, no matter what type of pond liner you purchase, it will need underlay. Pond liners are designed primarily to be a non-toxic barrier that is resistant to UV degradation so they are still prone to punctures from rocks and roots. An underlay offers many benefits by protecting your liner from roots and rocks, as well as insulating your pond and thickening your liner.

What are the main types of pond liners?

To give you the best materials for pond lining, we stock six types of pond liners; Swell pond liners, PVC pond liners, pond liner underlay, pond edging, rubber pond liners and liner repair. Swell pond liners are made up of our own pond liners, many of which come with free underlay and lengthy guarantees. PVC pond liners are slightly tougher, UV resistant and more durable liners. Pond liner underlay is thick material placed under a liner for extra protection. Pond edging is a decorative material that sits on the shoreline of your pond. Rubber pond liners are the toughest, most durable and most flexible pond liners. Finally, liner repair includes tape and adhesives to quickly stop or fully repair tears and punctures. These are completely wildlife-friendly, keeping your animals safe.

What should I look for in a pond liner?

Once you have an idea of the sort of material you're looking for, all you really need to do is find a pond liner of the right size to create your pond paradise. We have a wide variety of pond liners and a helpful Pond Liner Calculator to help you calculate the perfect shape, size, length and maximum depth in metres to get started on the installation and construction of your pond. For tips and advice on building lagoons, Koi ponds and other ponds, check out our pond liner help guide.