Swell Heavy Duty Pond Liner Underlay

Ensure your pond liner is fully protected

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  • Underlay to protect your liner from roots and rocks
  • Made from thick and durable geotextiles
  • Bought in 2m wide sections to cover any area
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What is Swell Heavy Duty Pond Liner Underlay?

Made from a thick geotextile weave, the Swell Heavy Duty Pond Liner Underlay is designed to sit beneath your pond liner and protect it from sharp roots or stones in the ground that could cause a puncture. It's easy to lay down and creates the ideal surface for any pond liner.

Is it hard to fit pond underlay?

No, pond underlay material is designed to be lightweight so you can easily lay it down and even overlap sections of it to cover particularly rocky or root-filled areas.

Why do I need an underlay for my pond?

Underlay protects your pond from punctures, rips and tears which can drain your pond, endangering pondlife. Liners installed without underlay are much more likely to become damaged and leak.

How do I measure a pond underlay?

Pond underlay is normally measured by length and width. However, it's important to note that when deciding on the size of a new pond underlay you must measure the depth of your pond as deeper ponds require more material.

How is pond underlay sold?

The Swell Heavy Duty Pond Liner Underlay is supplied by the running metre in 2-metre widths so when placing your order all you will need to do is enter the quantity you require. For example, if you are purchasing a 10 x 5m pond liner the quantity you would enter in the underlay amount would be 25. To work this out you simply do 10 x 5 = 50 / 2 = 25.

Please note: Every 10 requested widths will be supplied in 10 x 2m strips.



Material Geotextile
Thickness 100gsm
Colour Black
Pond sizes Small-large
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