Swell HDPE Pond Liner 25-Year Guarantee

An affordable HDPE pond liner for small to large ponds

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  • 0.35mm-thick pond liner
  • Made from durable and supple, UV-resistant HDPE
  • 25-year guarantee against UV damage
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What are these pond liners?

The Swell HDPE Pond Liner 25-Year Guarantee is one of our best-selling pond liners. These garden pond liners are made from a flexible 0.35mm-thick HDPE (high density polyethylene) material that, while not quite as thick as rubber pond liners, is similarly durable. It's also UV resistant and, when paired with protective underlay (sold separately), forms a great base for a quality pond.

These garden pond liners are available in a range of sizes to suit your needs. Just select the right size pond liner for your garden pond using the handy dropdown menu at the top of the page. We stock 20 different sizes of these flexible pond liners, from small pond liners measuring 2.5x2.5m to large pond liners measuring 30x40m.

What size pond liner do I need?

It's often tough to select the right pond liner for your garden pond, but with our handy pond liner calculator tool this entire process is made quick and easy. Just measure your pond's length, width, and depth, and input the details into the pond liner calculator.

This pond liner calculator will not only tell you how much pond water your garden pond will hold, but also the minimum size pond liner you'll need to sufficiently cover the base of your pond. It'll also tell you the minimum size pond liner underlay you'll need, should you want that added protection.

Are these pond liners easy to fit?

Yes, these garden pond liners are easy to fit, whether they're small pond liners or large pond liners. Their HDPE make-up makes them flexible pond liners that are well suited to a wildlife pond or sculpted garden ponds like Koi ponds. They also create a great seal, keeping pond water where it should be - in your pond!

How durable are these pond liners?

These heavy duty liners are incredibly durable and built to stand the test of time. In fact, we're so confident in the durablity of these fish pond liners, and the HDPE they're made of, that we've given them a 25-year guarantee. 

This 25-year guarantee covers your pond liner against damage from sunlight. It doesn't, however, cover damage from punctures so it's highly recommended that you lay down a layer of protective underlay prior to installing your pond liner.

We stock a range of protective underlays here at Swell UK, including standard underlays and protective underlays. These protective underlays protect garden pond liners from sharp stones and, in doing so, reduce the likelihood of leaks. 

Why should I buy a HDPE pond liner?

There are many different kinds of fish pond liners out there, but the three main types are HDPE pond liners, PVC pond liners, and butyl rubber pond liners. These materials have their own pros and cons, so it's important to be aware of these prior to purchasing.

If you're looking for a large pond liner, or a lake liner, then HDPE is the way to go. This material is not only resistant to UV radiation, but a wide range of chemicals too. This, combined with the fact that it's a cheaper material, makes it an incredibly popular choice for big ponds.

While flexible, HDPE pond liners aren't as supple as rubber pond liners. They're still easy to install, but they're not quite as suitable for ponds with lots of small nooks and crannies. They're also heavier than rubber pond liners and PVC pond liners.

What else do I need to buy with this pond liner?

These quality pond liners work best when paired with some protective underlay. For even more piece of mind, you may want to pick up some pond sealer, pond liner patches, and/or pond liner repair tape. These products will protect your pond liner against general wear and tear, ensuring that pond water stays in your pond year-round.



Material HDPE
Thickness 0.35mm
Colour Black
Liner suppleness Very
Liner stretchiness No stretch
UV resistant Yes
Guarantee 25 years
Underlay included No
Underlay type Not included
Pond sizes Small-large
Koi window compatibility Not suitable
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