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Help and advice on shopping for: Pond Cover Nets

Protect your pond from predators

Pond cover nets provide a dual purpose. Most importantly they deter predators, such as herons, foxes and cats. Secondly, they keep leaves and other debris out of your pond meaning less maintenance for you. We sell a range of high-quality cover nets from top brands including Blagdon and Velda.

What are Pond Cover Nets?

Pond cover nets are large pieces of lightweight mesh fabric that are laid across the surface of a pond to protect the pond life within from birds, such as herons, and other predators like foxes and cats.

Why should I buy a Pond Cover Net?

If you own any fish or pondlife there is a constant threat that a bird may fly into your garden and attack your fish. The only way to ensure the safety of your pondlife is with a pond cover net as these will deter predators and render their attacks useless.

What are the main types of Cover Nets?

The biggest split in the pond cover net range is in the material the net is made from and the way it is erected over your pond. Thicker nets that are tightly fixed above the water tend to offer more protection but make it harder to see your fish and enjoy your pond. The key is to find the right balance between protection and visibility for your pond.

What features should you look out for when buying Pond Cover Nets?

It's important to look at how the net looks when it is constructed and how it will look in your garden. Ensure that you will be happy with the final construction and that you will still be able to enjoy your fish. Also ensure that the pond cover net you are buying is big enough to cover your entire pond as a partially covered pond is as safe as an unprotected one.

What accessories should I buy with a Cover Net?

Most pond cover nets come in a set with everything needed to install them but be sure to check that is the case with the net you are buying. You may find you need extra garden spikes or fixtures to secure the net completely. If you are looking for more ways to deter predators you may also want to look at our range of heron deterrents.