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Pond Fish Food Sticks

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Help and advice on shopping for: Pond Fish Food Sticks

A healthy pond starts with quality nutrition

Pond fish food sticks offer a variety of nutrition for energy, long life and overall good health. Easy to eat and digest, pond sticks are a popular food choice for fish keepers as they are suitable for all sizes of pond fish.

What are pond fish food sticks?

Pond fish food sticks are ideal for lots of pond fish as they float on the water's surface and can be consumed by all sizes of pond fish. They contain essential nutrients and vitamins, as well as high-quality carotenoids, for all-round, biologically-balanced nutrition.

Why should I buy Pond fish food sticks?

Pond sticks are an ideal food for the daily feeding of all pond fish. These floating sticks soften quickly so large fish will simply swallow them whole, whilst smaller fish can nibble at them when they are water-soaked. They promote clear water and minimise waste too.

What are the main types of Pond fish food sticks?

At Swell UK we stock pond sticks from leading brands including Tetra, Kockney Koi and Swell's own brand. These pond sticks are full of nutrients and are perfect for spring, summer and autumn feeding. In winter it is best to treat your pond fish to wheatgerm sticks as those colder, shorter days close in. It provides your fish with slow-release energy to sustain them during their relatively inactive winter months, helping to boost their immune system to fight off winter infections.

What accessories should I buy with Pond fish food sticks?

Uneaten food can spread around the pond leaving it looking unsightly. A feeding ring keeps pond sticks together so leftover food can be easily removed from the pond. It floats on the pond's surface and also encourages fish to feed in one place, so you can see them getting stuck into the tasty sticks.