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This calculator works out how much Bondaglass G4 Pond Sealer paint you'll need to coat the surface of your pond based on its area in square metres. Simply enter the dimensions of your pond and we'll estimate how much G4 you'll need to paint your pond. If you want a coloured finish, apply two clear coats followed by two coats of either green G4 or black G4.
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Help and advice on shopping for: Pond Sealants

Seal and bond with confidence

Safe for use in your pond, our collection of silicone and adhesives are ideal for many applications. We sell our own brand of silicone and adhesives as well as several products from top brands like Black Knight, Touch 'n' Foam and Oase.

What are Pond Sealants?

Pond Sealants are used in ponds to create lasting bonds and seals, such as on bottom drains or submerged lighting. They form a perfect seal, impervious to water, and can be used both under the water or out of it for any adhesive task.

Why should I buy Pond Sealants?

If you need to hold anything in place in your pond silicone and adhesives are the answer. As they are impervious to water they will not erode and will keep everything in place for years at a time. Add in that they are also safe to use in fish ponds and it's easy to see why silicone and adhesives are so popular with pond keepers.

What are the main types of Pond Sealants?

Each silicone and adhesive is slightly different from the next because they are each made from a special blend of chemicals that has been created for a slightly different purpose. While all of the silicones and adhesives we stock will bond and seal some will work faster than others and some will leave a better finish.

What features should you look out for when buying Silicone and Adhesives?

First, think about what you want to use the silicone and adhesives for then look for a formula with the best features for the task. For example, if you are going to be holding something in place you probably want one that will bond faster while if the thing your sealing is going to be visible some of the time you will want a silicone and adhesive that leaves a better finish.

What accessories should I buy with Pond Sealants?

Some silicone and adhesives require a specialised gun for application, in these cases, you will be able to get the correct equipment from Swell UK.