Kockney Koi Solvent Cement

PVC plastic pipe cement for pond pipework and fittings

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  • Solvent cement glue for strong, leak-free joints
  • No brush needed, applicators included
  • Available in 118ml and 250 ml sizes
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I used this to seal a pipe on my pond filter. I’m really pleased with my purchase, no leaks now and it’s easy to use. Wish I’d discovered this stuff years ago! The delivery was great too.

What is Kockney Koi Solvent Cement?

Kockney Koi Solvent Cement is a fast-setting cement glue for joining certain types of pond pipework and fittings. Made from a unique formula for wet conditions and quick pressurisation minutes after joints are assembled, this solvent cement ensures the best watertight connection between pieces of solvent pipework in your garden pond's watercourse. Available in two sizes to stock up on, Kockney Koi Solvent Cement comes in resealable pots with an applicator for easy use.

What pond pipework can I connect this solvent cement with?

The Kockney Koi Solvent adhesives range is suitable for a wide range of applications such as joining pipes, fittings and couplers. It's also specifically designed for PVCU and ABS pipework in non-pressure systems.

What’s the difference between the solvent cement glues?

Kockney Koi Weld On Solvent Cement can be used for bonding non-pressure, thermoplastic pipe systems such as U-PVC BS EN and ABS. Available in a 250 ml tin, it’s medium-bodied and provides excellent adhesion and sealing action even where there are gaps between surfaces to be bonded (up to 0.8 mm).

The Kockney Koi Solvent Cement comes in a 118ml bottle. It permanently joins your ABS/PVC plastic pipework and features an internal brush for easy and neat application, offering a professional finish.

Product Kockney Koi Solvent Cement Glue 118ml Kockney Koi Weld On Solvent Cement 250ml
Size 118 ml 250 ml
Colour Clear Clear
Suitable for ABS PVC plastic pipework PVCU and ABS pipework in non-pressure systems
Applicator included Brush applicator Brush applicator
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