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Cloudy Water Removers

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Help and advice on shopping for: Cloudy Water Removers

Enjoy crystal-clear water

Cloudy water can be a real problem for many pondkeepers. Suspended algae can cause a cloudy effect, giving the water a greenish tinge. This can stop light and oxygen from getting through and deprive fish and plants alike. If the water has a brown, murky look, this can be caused by a build-up of suspended fish and plant waste. It can also be caused by sludge on the pond floor, so good pond maintenance is a must.

What are cloudy water removers?

Cloudy water removal solutions contain a combination of bacteria, enzymes and chemicals that break down the tiny particles of suspended algae and waste. Most cloudy water removal solutions are even fish-friendly so you won't have to rehouse your pondlife during the maintenance.

Why should I buy cloudy water removal?

Cloudy water is bad for your fish, your plants and the overall look of your pond. Removing cloudy water will vastly improve the health of all your pondlife and give your pond a crystal-clear look, much better for sharing with guests.

What are the main types of cloudy water removal?

Cloudy water removal kits either come as solutions or bombs (similar to a bath bomb). Solutions must be measured out for the volume of your pond and will mix into the flow of your pond to clear the whole watercourse. Bombs have an ideal range and may contain too much or too little cloudy water removal for your pond.

What features should you look out for when buying cloudy water removal?

It's important to check that the cloudy water removal kit you buy is suitable for your pond and safe for any fish you intend on leaving in the water as it's being cleaned. Beyond the safety of the kit, it's also worth finding out if there's anything else that the kit does, such as altering the pH of your water, as you may not need to buy other water treatments if the kit also treats the water.