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Blagdon Clear Pond

Eliminate algae blooms and cloudy water in your garden pond

At a glance...
  • Rapidly clears green water in your pond
  • Enhanced mechanical filtration
  • Three sizes available to treat up to 2000 gallons
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From market leaders Blagdon, Clear Pond is designed to eradicate algae blooms and other causes of cloudy water in your garden pond.

A murky pond can lead to other problems such as a lack of oxygen and light for fish and plants, which can sometimes be fatal and ruin a once healthy pond. Clear Pond works by clumping together floating particles of algae and waste, before sending them to the bottom of the pond. A good sludge remover will clear this layer from the pond floor for removal at a later date.

This treatment will aid your pond filter too, and keep your pond looking good all year round.


Product Treats Size
Clear Pond 250ml 500gal/2273ltr 250ml
Clear Pond 500ml 1000gal/4546ltr 500ml
Clear Pond 1ltr 2000gal/9092ltr 1ltr
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