Swell Control Sludge - 6 Pack - BOGOF

A natural pond sludge treatment

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  • Water soluble nuggets for treating sludge
  • Treats up to 27,276 litres of pond water
  • Chemical free and easy to dose
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What is the Swell Control Sludge?

Swell Control Sludge is an efficient and cost-effective way of keeping sludge at bay in your garden pond. Sludge is a build-up of biological waste from fish, plants and other pond debris. It can result in very poor water conditions which affect the various aquatic life. This biological treatment can treat up to 6,000 gallons/27,276 litres of pond water by simply placing the individual nuggets into the bio-filter or pond water. The beneficial bacteria will then aid in the breakdown of the organic material that causes the sludge.

Easy to use, with no measuring needed, the Swell Control Sludge treatment is suitable for spring, summer and autumn. Available as a buy one get one free deal, the Swell Control Sludge is completely harmless, it’s safe to add a whole sachet to smaller ponds or use multiple sachets in a larger pond.

What are the benefits of using a sludge treatment?

Sludge treatments work by gently releasing beneficial aerobic bacteria that can help to reduce and liquefy sludge, clearing the water, and making it easier for your filter to remove. This anaerobic digestion aids the break-down of bottom sludge and odours and helps to make your pond water less murky. The bacteria will reduce excess fish food, fish waste, toxic nutrients such as ammonia and nitrite plus problem causing nutrients such as nitrate and phosphate.

What is pond sludge?

Pond sludge is different to the sludge found in wastewater treatment plants and sewage treatment plants, instead, it is formed by debris forming in the pond and fish waste. Unlike sewage sludge, which requires a lengthy wastewater treatment, this sludge can be digested by anaerobic bacteria found in Swell Control Sludge. Anaerobically digested sludge can then be easily removed via a pond filter to remove it permanently.

What causes pond sludge?

Fish and plant waste can build up on your pond's floor and create a layer of toxic thickened sludge. This can discolour the water, deplete oxygen levels and impair the health of fish. While good maintenance should prevent this, a reliable sludge treatment can dissolve the waste quickly and either send it to the surface for removal or to the pond filter for eradication. Pond sludge is okay in natural wildlife ponds, but in fish-populated ponds, it can lower oxygen levels and promote algae growth.

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One nugget treats 4546 l/1000 gallons
Dosage Add one nugget per 1000 gallons / 4546 litres to your pond or filter. Continue at a rate of once a week during spring, summer and autumn.


Salt and beneficial bacteria strains.

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