Nishikoi Clear Waters Blanket Weed

Blanketweed treatment that helps clear up cloudy and algae-ridden water

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  • Fast-acting pond treatment to clear blanketweed and algae
  • Safe to use with UVCs and pond filters
  • Available as a 1.2-litre bag or 12-pack water-soluble sachets
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A pond treatment designed to remove and control algae and blanketweed growth to keep your pond looking healthy all year round.

What is Nishikoi Clear Waters?

Nishikoi Clear Water Blanket Weed is one of the most effective and popular pond treatments on the market. This pond treatment will clear troublesome blanketweed and unsightly algae from your water all year round and is safe to use with UVCs and pond filters. Nishikoi Clear Waters is a fast-acting blanketweed treatment that gives you clear pond water in just two weeks and is safe for pond fish plus pond plants. It’s available in a 1.2-litre bag or as a pack of 12 water-soluble sachets that come in new eco-friendly packaging.

How does this blanketweed treatment work?

Clear Waters Blanket Weed contains microbes that flourish in warmer water periods, feeding on the nutrients and preventing algae growth. While other pond treatments rely solely on microbes, Nishikoi Clear Waters Blanket Weed treatment also contains an algaecide. Algaecides are effective in any season without being affected by a drop in temperature, unlike microbes. Provided there is sufficient sunlight and the algae are growing, the algae will absorb the algaecides and die. Algae, duckweed and blanketweed are common problems over the summer months and adding a dose of Clear Waters blanketweed treatment can stop the issue before it takes over your entire pond.

What’s the difference between the products in the Clear Waters range?

Both Nishikoi Clear Waters Blanket Weed1.2 l Bag and Nishikoi Clear Waters Blanket Weed 12 Pack Eco-Pack work the same. Both products can be dissolved into a bucket of water then pored around your pond surface and deliver results within two weeks. The main difference is that the 1.2 l Bag is a powder solution while the 12 Pack Eco-Pack contains 12 water-soluble sachets in eco-friendly packaging and these sachets can be dropped straight into your pond as a concentrated treatment. They're also hassle-free to use because no measuring is needed.

How to use:

Apply one sachet of product per 1000 litres of water as an initial dose and repeat after 14 days. For ongoing care, 28 days onwards, apply one sachet per 4000 litres every fortnight.

Product Nishikoi Clear Waters Blanket Weed 1.2 l Bag Nishikoi Clear Waters Blanket Weed 12 Pack Eco Pack
Treats 12,000 litres/2,650 gallons One sachet per 4,000 litres/800 gallons
Size 1.2 12-pack
Fish and frog safe Yes Yes
UVC and pond filter safe Yes Yes
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