Velda Superdensa 10Ltr (oxygenator substrate)

Ensure your pond produces good levels of natural oxygen for your fish

At a glance...
  • Light and porous planting substrate
  • For submerged oxygenating aquatic plants
  • Ensures good, strong growth
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Velda's Superdensa substrate is a planting substrate for submerged oxygenating aquatic plants.

Light and porous, Superdensa provides the perfect medium for plants such as waterlilies and rununculus, ensuring the roots remain anchored and stable. Oxygenating plants are a natural way to ensure that your pond has stable levels of oxygen, so using a good soil will ensure good, strong growth.

We recommend lining plant baskets with hessian lining and then adding soil. This gives the plants a firm base and still allows nutrients to the roots.

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