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Help and advice on shopping for: Water Fountain Pumps

Outdoor fountains are a great addition to any landscape

Create stunning water patterns with our top-quality range of fountain pumps in our pond pump range from leading manufacturers such as Oase, Hozelock and Swell's own brand.

What is a water fountain pump?

A water fountain pump is designed to pump water above the pond surface, letting it fall back into the pond. Water ountain pumps are typically centrifugal pumps that feature an outlet that lets you attach a fountain head to create spectacular water displays. Common fountain heads are bell shapes, foam sprays and tiered daisy designs.

Why should I buy a water fountain pump?

Along with creating awe-inspiring displays and bringing your garden to life, a fountain pump has a powerful output but a low flow rate. A fountain pump is a high performing-pump that will move a small volume of water quickly to produce an exponential fountain height. It is also the most vital part of a water feature, as it circulates water, creating sound and movement in the garden, and preventing the growth of algae by adding oxygen to the water.

What are the main types of water fountain pumps?

Fountain pond pumps are designed primarily to pump water towards a water feature such as a fountain. All of our fountain pumps will pump a small amount of water quickly and powerfully to produce the necessary height of the fountain. Many of the models we carry also have a secondary function for watercourses or filters and come with different flow rates and heads so you can have different displays.

What features should I look for?

A water fountain pump has many features that you should look out for including head height, easy installation, and low running costs. Many models have a splitter so you can divide the pump between fountains and waterfalls or fountains and a filter and so on.

What accessories should I buy with a fountain pump?

Most of the fountain pumps we stock at Swell UK come with different fountain heads for a variety of looks. Over time you may want to add some more fountain heads to create different displays and upgrade your pond paradise.