Oase Aquarius Fountain Sets

Premium fountain pumps designed to run small to large fountains

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  • Comes with three different fountain head attachments
  • Telescopic extension pole with swivel head puts you in control
  • Second outlet allows pump to run secondary small water feature
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What are Oase Aquarius Fountain Sets?

These Oase Aquarius Fountain Sets are water feature sets that can be used to implement a wide range of design options in your pond. Thanks to their three distinct fountain head attachments and simple, mechanical adjustment of the fountain pole, you can create a variety of different water displays with these water feature pumps.

There are five models in this Oase Aquarius Fountain Sets range, with varying flow rates from 720 lph to 4,000 lph. They have varying max head heights too, from 1.1m to 2.9m, and power consumptions, from 9W to 42W. They all, however, come with an impressive 3-year guarantee.

Key Features:

  • Energy efficient, reduces running costs
  • Includes three fountain head attachments
  • Includes optimised nozzle bracket for precise and even water patterns
  • Integrated swivel head lets you change fountain angle
  • Second outlet that can be adjusted separately for small water features
  • Supporting feet give pump stable base in bottom of pond
  • Adjustable, telescopic pole lets you control fountain height
  • Thermal protection against temperature extremes

What are the benefits of Oase Aquarius Fountain Sets?

The Oase Aquarius Fountain Sets have low running costs thanks to the economical pump technology and come with various fixtures and fittings, including fountain heads and telescopic height adjustment poles. Each submersible fountain pond pump in the Aquarius Fountain Sets range comes with base footings for stable positioning on the pond floor and has a second, separately adjustable outlet that allows the Aquarius to feed a small water feature at the same time as running a fountain.

What fountain heads are included?

These fountain pond pumps are equipped with an optimised nozzle bracket for smooth, even water patterns. They come with three distinct fountain heads too: Vulkan, Lava, and Magma. In the photos above there's an image of each of these fountain heads in action, plus some information about the height and width that they can project pond water.

To change between fountain heads, simply disconnect your pump from your power supply, unscrew the existing fountain head and replace it with your desired fountain head. If you wish to use the secondary outlet, screw the thread adapter onto the second outlet and then screw the stepped hosetail onto said adapter. It's recommended that you cut down the stepped hosetail adapter to the correct size for your hose pipe, to avoid any friction loss.



Energy efficiency A*
Cable length 10m
Thermal cut off Yes
Solids handling capacity None
Hose size 13, 19 and 25mm
Fitted plug To comply with UK electrical legislation, pond appliances can't be supplied with a fitted plug, so you'll need to purchase one separately or wire it into an outdoor plug socket.
Guarantee (+ request guarantee) 2 + 1 years
Fountain Head Attachments Vulkan, Lava, Magma
Set-Up Type Suitable for submersible use only

Model Specifications

Model Wattage Max Flow Rate Max Head Height
Aquarius Classic 750 9W 720 lph 1.1m
Aquarius Classic 1000 11W 1,000 lph 1.3m
Aquarius Classic 2000 E 18W 2,100 lph 2.1m
Aquarius Classic 3000 E 26 3,000 lph 2.5m
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