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Oase Schaumsprudler 22-5K

Create a fantastic vertical fountain while oxygenating your pond

At a glance...
  • Foam effect fountain nozzle
  • Ideal for use with the Oase Aquarius Fountain pond pumps
  • Must be installed above the water surface
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What is a Schaumsprudler?

A Schaumsprudler is a type of water fountain that consists of a frothy, bubbly mix of air and water. This foam fountain jet looks great, is resistant to the wind, and helps aerate ponds to keep fish and other wildlife healthier.

Will my fountain pump work with the Oase Schaumsprudler 22-5K?

If your fountain pump has a ½" female outlet and a flow rate of 1,500-4,500Iph it will be compatible with the Oase Schaumsprudler 22-5K. This foam jet fountain will work with the Oase Aquarius Fountain Set Classic 1,500, 2,500, and 3,500, and with the Oase Aquarius Solar 15,00.

How do I connect this foam fountain jet to my pump?

You can use a ½" fountain pump attachment to connect the Oase Shaumsprudler 22-5K to your pump - it will screw in to create a watertight seal.



Effect Vertical jet
Compatible Iph 1,500-4,500Iph
Number of heads 1
Maximum fountain height 65cm
Maximum fountain diameter 1.27cm
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