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Help and advice on shopping for: Water Features and Feature Ponds

Create a garden oasis

Perfect for any garden setting, a water feature can bring a calm and serene atmosphere to your garden. We offer a wide selection of stunning garden water features and fountains from leading brands that serve to create a beautiful focal point in your garden. With the right water feature, you can enjoy the soothing sounds of outdoor water at any time, allowing you to relax, unwind and escape the stresses of your day by simply stepping out into your garden. Water features aren't just for shop ponds at garden centres, they are easy to install and fun for any home.

What is a water feature?

Water features bring sound and movement to your garden. They are stand-alone units, meaning you can place them anywhere you want within your garden, balcony or patio area. We carry both contemporary and classic water feature styles that will transform your garden space. As these water features are pre-made, there's no need to visit a material shop, sometimes called a style shop, as you'll have everything you need right out of the box.

Why might I buy a water feature?

Water features can be very therapeutic in nature. They can create a soothing ambience in any place and are known for their ability to improve air quality and humidity while also reducing noise pollution by drowning out background noise with the sound of running water. Many of these water features are also extremely durable and will stand the test of time as they are made from high-quality materials like stainless steel, ceramics and stone.

What are examples of water features?

When you think of a water feature, you might think of small bubbling displays and shop ponds in DIY stores. However, a water feature can be just about any moving watercourse. The most common and well-known water features are outdoor water features and garden water features like waterfalls and fountains.

What are the four types of water features?

While there is an extensive range of possible water features, there are four main types that make up the bulk of common water features:

  • Ponds - Ponds are man-made bodies of water that can serve as the base for other water features or, in the case of wildlife ponds, as a water feature in their own right.
  • Waterfalls - Tall vertical falls of water creating anything from a light trickle to a spectacular deluge.
  • Streams - A long watercourse, using pumps and downhill movement to create a continuous circular flow, often producing a relaxing babbling sound.
  • Fountains - A verticle jet of water, ranging from a continuous spout, which may be used to oxygenate a pond, to a spectacular projection centrepiece.

All of these features can be combined with each other to form more complex indoor or outdoor water features. Many of the kits in this category are designed to be self-contained versions of these courses or solar-powered. Some self-contained water features also offer additional features like planting storage or a filtered water supply so they can be used as a birdbath.

If you are considering a more complex water feature you may want to look at some of our other categories such as construction and maintenance or pond pumps. You'll be able to find everything you need in our ranges to create your dream water feature, whether it's a modern stainless steel sculpture or something more classic like a neverending watering can cascading into a small reservoir. You'll even be able to find promotional offers and deals to help you keep an eye on your budget while you stock up.

Can you have a solar water feature?

Yes, many water features, especially self-contained features, can be solar-powered and there are several options in our extensive range that come with a solar panel and backup battery. These models are very popular as they come in a wide range of styles and there's little to set up as they just need to be placed in direct sunlight to work correctly. A solar water feature offers many benefits, including lower upkeep costs and auto shut off, as they often turn off once the sun sets at night. Some self-contained solar models are even suitable for indoor use, making them ideal for enhancing a sunroom or conservatory.

What are the main types of water features?

Water features can be fountains, ponds, streams, cascades or waterfalls. The biggest difference in our range of water features is that some water features utilise solar power, so you can install it wherever you want whereas other water features come with a pump. A pump will act as the engine of the water feature, sucking water from one place and pumping it to another.

What features should you look for?

When buying a water feature it really comes down to personal preference. Things to think about will be; if you can connect to an electricity supply easily for pump powered features and what kind of sounds or trickles you would like. Maintenance and placement will be another thing to consider. For example, would your feature benefit from being at the centre of your space or nestled amongst plants.