Bermuda Abstract Swan Solar Water Feature

Add an artistic touch to any garden or flower bed

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  • Abstract swan self-contained water feature for outdoor use
  • Low voltage pump and solar panel included
  • No assembly required
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The Abstract Swan from Bermuda is a modern contemporary design, with flowing curved lines that houses a sphere in the centre, which water gentle trickles down from and back into the self contained reservoir.

This measures at 48 x 26 x 70cm, and comes as a complete kit with the solar power pump, with a flow rate of 200lph, as well as the pipework needed to get started. The pump itself features a battery back up for those days when the sun isn't out as much, so you can still enjoy the soothing running water even with cloud cover around.

As this is a complete kit, with water reservoir all contained, and the lack of wiring restrictions, this can be installed almost anywhere with a flat surface and goodsun coverage to power the solar panel. With no on-going running costs, this is a great way to add to your outside space.

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