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Help and advice on shopping for: External Pond Pumps

Power pools, ponds and more with our range of incredible external pond pumps

External pond pumps are typically used in gravity-fed filter systems. They are ideal for large bodies of water and Koi ponds, as they can handle lots of water easily. At Swell UK we sell a good variety of external pond pumps from top brands including Evolution Aqua and Oase.

What is an external pond pump?

External pond pumps are designed to sit outside of large ponds with a bottom drain. They are a great choice for ponds with Koi or other fish as the large volume of waste they produce will flow into a gravity-fed bottom drain and through to a refuge pipe.

Why should I buy an external pond pump?

Having an external pump is a cleaner way of pumping water out of your pond as it means all of the sludge at the bottom of your pond is naturally managed. This type of pump is not placed within the pond, due its large size. They are installed into the ground next to the pond and pump out water from the filter or other devices. Sturdy and solid in design, these units withstand the test of time and offer outstanding results year after year.

What are the main types of external pond pumps?

The main types of external pond pumps split into two categories - multi-functional pumps and dry pumps. Multi-functional pumps can be used both in the water and out of it, depending on the type of watercourse you want to create - these models are ideal for those who want to change their pond set up every few months. Dry pumps can only be used outside of the water and are designed to keep electrical components completely dry, protecting your pondlife or pool users from any electrical discharges due to faulty wiring.

What features should you look out for when buying an external pond pump?

Swell UK stock an excellent range of external pond pumps from leading retailers such as Oase and Evolution Aqua which offer a variety of features such as powerful flow rates, silent running and lengthy guarantees to ensure long-lasting performance. Deciding between the range can be difficult but it really comes down to choosing the model that offers the right flow rate and solids handling capacity for your body of water.

What accessories should I buy with an external pond pump?

If your external pond pump is a multi-functional pump then you can buy most attachments or accessories that would work with any other pump. However, if you're buying a dry pump the most important thing to buy is a vacuum priming valve as this will allow the pump to prime before use.